Friday, March 27, 2015

If the womb is a rockin, don't come a knockin!

I felt the babies move for the first time last night!  I've been waiting and waiting, wondering when it was going to happen.

I had a few doctor appointments yesterday.  An ultrasound in the morning, which Sister and Grandma got to sit in on, and a visit to my OB in the afternoon.  The babies were moving around like crazy, especially Max.  I've been asked several times If I can feel them moving yet - but I had not.  I am officially 20 weeks (5 months) pregnant. The doctor told me it would happen soon.
It was 2:00 a.m.  The house was dark and silent.  Hubby was on the couch, chivalrously allowing me more space in the bed to try and get some real rest.  I'm not sleeping well these days.  It only lasted for five minutes or so.  It's hard to describe in words how it felt.  I was expecting it to feel like butterflies or a flutter - but it was more like a wave.  Like moving your hand back and forth in the bath tub.  They say you'll know when you feel it - and I knew exactly what it was.  I had a grin from ear to ear.  Even though we've heard the heartbeats and seen them move on ultrasounds - this was a completely different kind of rewarding.  It reminded me that there is more to this pregnancy than my swollen feet and hands, headaches, acid reflux and insomnia.  I knew they were in there, but now I can actually feel them.  It made me feel so close to them.  I can't think, at this moment, of anything more magical than the babies in my belly letting me know they are alive and well.  I'm sure I'll think differently in a few weeks or months when their jabbing me in the side, hiccuping incessantly or fighting with each other in utero; but for now, I can't wait to feel it again and again and again...

This is one of those times when I really feel and know how wonderful it is to be a woman.    

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