Tuesday, December 30, 2014

a little Divine Intervention

My baby brother was getting married (to a wonderful girl by the way) and we had a bridal shower.  One of her friends came with her newborn.  I could not resist asking if I could hold the baby.  I had no clue who she was and she did not know me, but I didn't care - I just wanted to hold that baby!  So the day went on and I continued to hold the baby.  There is nothing better than new baby smell!  Even better than new car smell.  We started to chat and she asked me how many kids I had.  

I hated being asked that.  I hated explaining to people that I didn't have any.  I wanted my response to be so different.  I wanted to be able to relate to other women and talk about my pregnancy and my cravings and aches and pains.  I wanted to say how easy my labor was or how perfect my baby's head was when it came out ( some weird obsession of mine). How I had the perfect hips for child bearing.  I wanted to talk play dates and multi-tasking.  Nope.  I had to tell the sad truth........ 

I replied that I did not have any.  Well, I did not have any of my own.  I have a wonderful step-daughter, but no biological children.  She was surprised and responded that I have such a wonderful way with babies - a natural - she said.  I revealed that we had been trying for many many years with no luck but that I did indeed love babies and was hoping for one of my own someday.  We switched subjects and the day carried on.  

A few weeks passed and I received a message in my inbox.  It was from her.  She reached out to me to let me know that she too struggled with infertility and that she had a great doctor she wanted to refer me to if we were interested.  She offered prayer, encouragement and an understanding ear.  I thought it was so sweet.  And although I was grateful for the referral, we still did not have coverage and could not afford to see her.  

Several months passed and it was my birthday, October 2013.  My sister-in-law pulled me aside to tell me that my brother and her would like to help us pay to see this doctor.  I was so overwhelmed.  What a great birthday gift.  The gift that keeps on giving.............

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