Monday, January 5, 2015

Transfer Day

November 25, 2014.  Day 5.  Transfer Day.  I don't think we slept much the night before.  We had been through so much in this past year.  The day was finally here.  I wanted to take a nice long shower and really do my hair nice - I would not get to shower for five days.  I wanted to look nice when I got knocked up!   Much to my chagrin, I was given strict instructions not to wear perfume or any perfumed lotion to the transfer. Anyone who knows me knows how disappointing this was for me to hear.  I love perfume.  I may not always look good, but I always smell good!  Embryos don't like smell they told me.  Okay, no problem, whatever the embryos say!  We did some last minute straightening up and we and left in plenty of time for our hour plus commute to the surgery center. My appointment was scheduled for 9:30 a.m.  We did not want to be late.

We were ten minutes away when we got the call that the doctor was running late and they had to bump us back to 11:00.  Ugh. We decided to stay calm and roll with the punches. We made a pit stop at the mall to grab a bite to eat and check out the Christmas decorations.  For the record, Ruby's really does have the best corned beef hash around!!!

We arrived to the surgery center on time and they called us back right away.  The embryologist came in and showed us our embryos.  She said they had fertilized all 49 eggs and that as of today we had 33 Grade A - text book - embryos.  So they picked the two best embryos to transfer.  We were the talk of the town that day in that lab.  This was not the norm.  Hubby was feeling so proud.  After all, how many men can say they fertilized 49 eggs in one day!

Babies' first photo:

Could you love an embryo(s) more?  I think not.

Several months back we made the decision, with the doctor, to transfer two embryos, as it increased our chance of success the first time around.  The doctor and the embryologist came in to confirm that we still wanted to transfer two embryos.  They wanted us to understand that because the quality of the embryos was so great, there was a very good chance we would end up with twins.  We agreed to continue with two and they began to prep for the transfer.  It's really amazing how fast it all goes. The transfer of the embryos is made through a catheter inserted through your cervix, directly into your uterus.  Once the doctor had the catheter in place, the embryologist came into the room with the embryos in a syringe.  They are encased between air bubbles.  The doctor got the catheter into just the right spot so we could see on the screen and said, "are you ready?"  Then, in a flash, literally, they were in there.  One floated to the top and the other stayed exactly where she wanted it.  They had me lay there for about a half hour and then sent me home to strict bed rest.  I had to lay flat on my back on the ride home with my feet up on the dashboard.

We received texts and phone calls all day from supportive family and friends - all of whom have been just as excited as we are on this journey.  It was a good, exciting day.

Now we wait........

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